Lunchtime Concerts at Symphony Hall with Millicent Chapanda Ft Henri Gaobi

Celebrating Sanctuary in partnership with B:Music

Celebrating Sanctuary is back for another series of Lunchtime Concerts in 2024 with many new amazing World Music artists throughout the year.  Continuing to bring a spectrum of local, national and international musicians, originating from around the world.  We start the year with the return of some favourites, bringing sweet melodies and Latin grooves from Guinea Bissau, Sawa Blues from Cameroon and hypnotic sounds of Mbira from Zimbabwe.

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Thursday March 14th 1-2pm

Millicent and Henri are a dynamic and fluid showcase of diverse ethereal sounds cultivated in the heart of Africa, combined to captivate the audience in an intimate and inclusive performance. The duo’s rich and vibrant performance speaks to the soul. Millicent is a regular contributors to CSB and we are delighted to welcome them back in March with Henri a guest performer.

nullMillicent Chapanda is a Zimbabwean musician and creative cultural artist, mbira player, singer dancer and percussionist.   A captivating and spellbinding performance of Mbira and song with engaging rhythms from the deep cultural well and heritage of Zimbabwe. Millicent is a proud cultural artist with a vibrant mission to bring the lived experience of women in Zimbabwe onto international world music stages.

Although her music goes deep into ancient Shona cultural heritage, it's clear that Millicent is keen to sing out loud on gender issues and the barriers affecting women in the diaspora & back in Zimbabwe, and this gives her performances a real cutting edge.  

nullHenri Gaobi is a master drummer from Ivory Coast. Henri Gaobi is thought by many to be one of the finest exponents of traditional djembe playing in Britain. Henri keeps the traditional rhythms of the Ivory Coast alive within the context of breath-taking contemporary performances. He is the artistic director of Kaagô, a long-standing African drumming performance group. Henri also performs solo and in ensembles, he has also collaborated with many other artists and groups.


Stay tuned for announcements about more events in 2024.

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