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Anna Nguyen – Trikhon Theatre



Trikhon means ‘a particular wisdom to complete something’ in Vietnamese.  Set up by Anna Nguyen and Gregory Bartlett, “two artistically driven souls, Trikhon Theatre is about saying what’s bursting beneath us through the way we naturally discover it. So no specific rules, language or form will be consciously placed upon any piece of our work.  Each show takes it’s own natural creative course, which is discovered during the process to ensure that every piece of work is honest, unique and unpredictable.  Trikhon strongly believe that “as human beings we are forever growing and adapting, and so to cap a brief on the identity of our artistry is just ludicrous.” They aim not only to make transcendent and diverse work, but most importantly to inspire a creative atmosphere where artistic instincts are free to roam.

“it’s not what you do, but who you are”

A Dream from a Bombshell

Directed by Anna Nguyen

A Dream from a Bombshell is a new immersive show born out of the verbatim word of the ‘Anchored in London’ project. You will travel through rural paddy fields, be crammed into bomb shelters and filed into refugee camps of Vietnam 40 years ago, otherwise known as the Vietnam War. The play evolved from the verbatim stories of those who survived and found themselves 40 years later in 21st century London. We witness the complex issues and divide between first and second generation Vietnamese. How do we find an understanding through conflicting cultures and beliefs? What does it mean for so many of us who are born from fallen shells?

“We want to create a visceral experience of the Vietnam war. We will put you on rice fields, cram you on boats and send you to refugee camps where no word of English will be spoken, so that you may feel exactly what it was like for these people. Even then you probably won’t scratch the surface. We want you to be able to have the choice as to which part of the story you follow, but ultimately each individual will not escape their future fate.”

What do you know about the lives that lived before you? If you knew would you live your life differently? A Dream from a Bombshell is a story of a daughter’s realization that ‘anything is possible’ through experiencing the determination of her mother through her escape of the Vietnam war.

Trikhon Theatre presented an early developmental piece for Celebratng sanctuary at Ort Cafe in 2013 which helped to form the now finished production.  We hope to present this piece in Birmingham in our new programme.

Find out more about Trikhon Theatre at: http://www.trikhontheatre.com/