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Didier Kisala – The Redeemed

17244843832_643dcf284a_oThe Redeemed
create a consummate stage show of music, dance and movement – the word ‘band’ cannot come close to defining them.  In full force, this movement of youthful energy boasts 17 members, including singers, guitarists, dancers and drums.  A Birmingham- based group, the majority of The Redeemed hail from the Democratic Republic of Congo and their music reflects their heritage and a broad range of influences, including Rumba, Sebene, Zouk, Jazz, Gospel and more.

The Redeemed were founded by Didier kisala, who united young musicians who were passionate about music.  They decided to work together and have now developed into the group they are today.  The Redeemed, referring to the definition of the word, says that they can create something different, playing typical Congolese Gospel music fused with different styles.

The Redeemed have performed in many variations for different events and venues, ranging from the full line up to smaller ensembles, creating a beautiful and soulful performance suited to smaller venues.  They have performed at The Drum, delivering a three and a half hour performance to a predominantly Congolese audience.  Members of the wider community were welcomed and felt honoured to participate in an evening of Congolese celebration.  There was music, dance, an interpreter to introduce the songs, stunning costumes and stage show.    The evening was a great success with dancing in the isles and the launch of their new CD Source de la Vie.   

They have also performed at MAC as part of the Celebrating Sanctuary Refugee Week Festival, and at Journeys Festival in Leicester in 2013 and the Platforma National Festival in Manchester.

The Redeemed perform with the highest artistic quality and create a musical and visual delight.

For more information or to book The Redeemed please contact: kissdier@yahoo.co.uk