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Fidele Bisengo Ndombasi

 Afro Mio largeFidele Bisengo Ndombasi is a vocalist who had a successful professional career in his native DR Congo, performing with band Festival des Anges, and recording two solo albums. Since arriving in the UK Fidele has established his own band, Son de la Vie, which is popular across the West Midlands, and regularly performs solo and in collaboration with other artists. Fidele is known for his beautiful smile, which he has never been known to come to a performance without!

Fidele was formerly a member of Afro Mio working with Ben Pathy, Jean-Pierre Elema and Alpha Elema.  He has also performed and led workshops with Infusion Ensemble. 

Fidele has been working over the past year to develop a new band involving 6 members, who are ready to gig, so watch this space for up and coming events…..

Son de la Vie

Son de la Vie is a big Congolese dance band with a big sound to match. Full of energy, they truly are, as their name states, the Sound of Life. Vocal harmonies, synchronised dance steps and strong rhythms make this band one to have at a festival, outdoor event, or party.