Harare @ Centrala


Friday 23rd June
CSB in partnership with Centrala and Platforma

Unit 4 Minerva Works,
158 Fazeley Street, Digbeth B5 5RS

Doors 7.30 – £5 entry

Kudaushe Matimba – Harare

‘electrifying urban Zimbabwe dance music reviving the thrill & spirit of the much-loved Bhundu Boys. Harare go for jit-jive & beyond!’

Harare is one of only a few groups playing & recording Zimbabwean dance music in Europe. Formed by a musician from the heart of Zimbabwean urban music, Harare combines different styles from Jit-Jive to the deeply traditional hypnotic polyrhythms of mbira music. Harare music is also heavily influenced by chimurenga, the genre developed by legendary music guru Thomas Mapfumo. Harare are fronted by the exuberance and charisma of Zimbabwean musician Kudaushe Matimba and feature a groundbreaking line-up, mixing the buzzing acoustics of the Southern African marimba, mbira, lead and bass guitars and drum kit.

Founder-member and virtuoso marimbist Kudaushe Matimba was a member of Zimbabwe’s legendary Bhundu Boys, a band who were a groundbreaking force in the African music industry as they paved the way for more artists to reach commercial success in Europe and the US. Kudaushe has also worked with many of the most highly rated Zimbabwean roots musicians such as Chartwell Dutiro, Stella Chiweshe, Chiwoniso Maraire, Prince Tendai, Beular Djoko, Jonah Sithole (RIP) & many more.

Harare’s music is about social awareness, life yesterday today and tomorrow, advices, respect, love for one another and compassion. It expresses emotions from pain, love, wisdom and rage. Song-lyrics are performed in the Shona language of Zimbabwe whilst Kudaushe brings both ancient and modern compositions and arrangements to the Harare set. Some of the songs are traditional ones from Zimbabwe based on the traditional instrument the mbira. Kudaushe strongly believes in the importance of preserving one’s heritage through music. Harare have the style, momentum & experience to show the way forward for contemporary Zimbabwean based dance music and for their exciting new songs & arrangements. Standout past performances for the band include London Sanctuary Festival, Mayor of London Festival, Territorios Sevilla 2008, ZimFest London 09, Recyclart Brussels, Belfast Mela Festival, SOAS Concert Series and many more. Their powerful and vibrant stage-shows have an unstoppable momentum guaranteed to fill the dance floor.

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