Kadialy Kouyate Trio @ MAC

Kadialy Kouyate Trio


Friday 7th October

MAC Birmingham 

Hexagon Theatre

Tickets £10 (£8)
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Get into the West African groove with Kadialy Kouyate and his ensemble. Musician and singer-songwriter Kouyaté and his Sound Archive ensemble take inspiration from West Africa’s griot tradition of oral storytellers, poets and musicians, and from the musical culture of the Mandinka people.

Kouyate was born into a long line of griots in Southern Senegal. The inheritor of a traditional style of singing and kora playing, he has performed across the UK for the last decade.

Since his arrival in the UK Kadialy has played a significant part in enriching the London musical scene with his griot legacy. He has been teaching the Kora at Soas university of London for the last decade and he has also been involved in countless musical projects both as a collaborator and a session musician

Kadialy Kouyate

 “Senegalese kora virtuoso/singer Kadialy Kouyate showcases his fleet-fingered skills on this mesmerizing instrument, complementing it with his hauntingly, darkly beautiful voice, to create a Toumani Diabate-meets-Youssou N’Dour sound.” -Time Out

Born into the great line of Kouyate griots in Southern Senegal, Kadialy Kouyate’s spellbinding blend of kora and voice has been welcomed in many prestigious venues including Royal Festival Hall, O2 Arena, Union Chapel and WOMAD. Kadialy first made a name for himself in the UK with both his solo performances and his success with steel pan player Fimber Bravo. Their acclaimed album ‘Small Talk’ resulted in numerous radio appearances (Radio 3’s ‘World Routes’ and Charlie Gillett’s ‘World of Music’) and a UK tour. Extensive European tours also followed with the renowned Baye Fall gnawa musician Nuru Kane and an exciting new project for 2011 with Baaba Maal.

In November 2008, Kadialy represented the kora for the first time at the “2do Festival Mundial Del Arpa” in Paraguay. He is featured on the West One Music album Champions of Africa – specially commissioned for the 2010 World Cup. Kadialy’s critically acclaimed debut album Londo - selected for the fRoots November 2010 compilation CD – blends the kora with cello, double bass and percussion.

Kadialy’s mesmerising kora playing and singing style have been welcomed in many prestigious venues both as a soloist and in different ensembles: Royal Festival Hall, O2 Arena, Union Chapel and WOMAD amongst others.  Kadialy has performed at a number of Celebrating Sanctuary events including Ort cafe, Muzikstan and the Refugee Week Festival at MAC, delivering a spontaneous collaboration with Sudanese tambour player Hassan Salih Nour.

If you’ve not heard kora before then prepare to be swept away with one of the most soothingly beautiful instruments that the world has to offer. It is an extremely versatile instrument that can weep, sing and bring you to your feet to dance. Add to that the sound of Kadialy’s voice and his gentle, open charm and you have the recipe for an engaging and delightful evening.

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