Tony Dudu and Gumbe Jazz @ ORT Cafe

21058459770_800d533b1b_zSaturday 21st November

Tony Dudu with Gumbe Jazz

ORT Cafe

500-504 Moseley Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 9AH

8pm - Entry £5


Tony Dudu, acclaimed virtuoso guitarist originally from Guinea Bissau, West-Africa. At the age of nine, Tony built his first guitar from an olive oil tin, a broom handle and two nylon strings. By the age of twelve he joined “Os Lacaraes”, Guinea-Bissau’s first youth music band. Two years later he was invited to play with the famous group “Africa Livre”, where he met Manecas Costa and “Justino Delgado”. It was during this time that Tony began to receive recognition for his virtuosic and melodic guitar playing.

On moving to Portugal Tony was asked to join “Os Issabary” a group from Guinea Bissau. He also made a name for himself as a session musician in high demand, appearing on over 100 records with different artists from across Africa and Brazil. He was lead guitarist for Valdemar Bastos, Manecas Costa, Justino Delgado, Eneida Marta, Tabanka Djazz, Don Kikas, Bonga, Juca and many more. Tony Dudu took part in many festivals around the globe, like: Detroit festival, U.C.L. in L.A., New York central Park, Edmonton folk festival, Canada, Womad festival, Germany, Baia das gatas festival, Cape Verde, Baia and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rose Ball, Monaco, Masa festival, Ivory Coast and the C.P.L.P. in Guinea Bissau.

Having moved to the UK In 2007 Tony has worked with Kudashe Matimba’s band Harare, from Zimbabwe, Moses Conde from Guinea Conakry, Africa Bauantu from Ghana, kamba Semba from Angola, and Sax Player Paul Lunga from Afro-jazz Zimbabwe. In 2009 Tony set up a brand new project named “Gumbe Jazz”. A fusion between African rhythms of West-Africa blended with Latin grooves , South African rhythms and Jazz.

To hear Tony Dudu and Gumbe Jazz please click here 

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