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Didier - mediumFriday 24th June

Didier Kisala @ Jazzlines
Symphony Hall Foyer – Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EA
5pm – FREE ENTRY – Donations welcome

Didier Kisala
Didier Kisala is the founder member of Birmingham based Congolese band The Redeemed, regulars to Celebrating Sanctuary events. He also performs with a smaller ensemble to create a beautiful and soulful performance. Didier was recently involved in a British Red Cross project, to release a ground-breaking concept album based on the real-life experiences of refugees and asylum seekers, in collaboration with artists such as Robert Plant and Scoobious Pip.

All donations go towards supporting our activities with asylum seekers and refugee communities

Redeemed 3 medSaturday 25th June
CSB Festival @ Centrala
Minerva Works, Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RT
3pm – 8pm – FREE Event for all the family


• The Long Journey Home – Story telling presentation
Long Journey Home is a year-long multilingual Arts Council-funded true-life storytelling project. It is a platform for first-generation migrants to recount their stories and experiences of settling in the West Midlands and making it home. This afternoon’s stories will be told by students from St. Chad’s Sanctuary who have lived in Birmingham from a few months to a few years.

• Zvinora
Zvinoera African Blues is a Zimbabwean band based in Walsall, a new project from Zimbabwean poet and mbira player Stewart Kunaka.

Nifeco Costa
Nifeco Costa is a musician from Guine-Bissau, who from an early age drank the traditional sounds of his homeland. In 1993 Nifeco launched his first solo album, Saudadi, and in 1997 he participated in the 1st Gumbe Festival in Paris, and has gone on to record much more. He has participated in various festivals in Europe, Africa and USA, and made numerous television appearances. Since moving to the UK he has formed the band “Babock jazz”.

• Music and Spoken Word with musicians from The Redeemed and Writers Without Borders
A Birmingham-based writers group from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Some have lived in the UK for many years and others have arrived in the country quite recently. The group includes professional, semi-professional, new and emerging writers. Poets will work with musicians from The Redeemed to present new collaborations of spoken word and music.

• The Redeemed
A Birmingham- based group, hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They create a consummate stage show of music, dance and movement. Including singers, guitarists, dancers and drums, their music reflects their heritage and a broad range of influences, including Rumba, Sebene, Zouk, Jazz, Gospel and more. The Redeemed were founded by Didier kisala, who united young musicians who were passionate about music. The Redeemed have performed in many variations for different events and venues, ranging from the full line up to smaller ensembles, creating a beautiful and soulful performance suited to smaller venues. They perform with the highest artistic quality and create a musical and visual delight, guaranteed to get people dancing.

• World Beat Rhythms from DJ Glyn Philips

With face painting, food and drinks stalls, activities for children and information stalls
Come and join us to make this a great event!

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