Ahmed Magare [Somalia]

Ahmed Magare author of Vessels, was born in 1987 in Somalia, lives and works in Birmingham. He is a published writer and a multidisciplinary artist who primarily works in painting and drawing. His visual work is rooted in his writing: the themes for his paintings and drawings are influenced by his poems. Ahmed draws from memory, focusing on past events, which give the drawings a childlike and simple visual language.

“If you don’t fully understand the language of the land it takes away your cultural identity and membership. How can we then create our own path of understanding towards this odd culture? Possibly, by developing a new language of storytelling exploring how I feel about my heritage, culture and tradition...Everywhere can be called home, but for me home is where I feel happy in my mind and in memory.” [Ahmed Magare]

Website - https://ahmedmagare.wordpress.com

Poetry - https://soundcloud.com/ahmed-magare/the-kiss-of-ignorance