Promote and empower local artists in exile

Seek to raise awareness of the refugee experience

Celebrate and support refugee talent in the city

Build connections with local communities

Facilitate artistic development and community outreach projects.


Reflect and celebrate the diversity of Birmingham

Support professional development of our artists

Affirm the message that sanctuary is a human right

What we do

Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham works through the arts to celebrate and raise awareness of the contributions that refugees make to Birmingham and more widely the UK. We work collaboratively with artists in exile and local communities to build relationships, share cultural identities and provide opportunities for our artists to perform, network and develop their careers in Birmingham. Our events celebrate the tradition of offering sanctuary in the UK to those fleeing persecution, affirming the message that sanctuary is a human right.

We are committed to promoting and showcasing the very best artistic practice from artists originating from or connected to areas of conflict, turmoil and/or unrest. Our programme seeks to highlight the positive impact arts can make in transforming people’s lives.