Germa Adan

Germa Adan is a Haitian folk artist with a strong undercurrent of social consciousness at the heart of her music. She writes and  performs a tapestry of ethereal vocal and stringed harmonies, influenced by the overlapping identity of cultures, from Haitian, American and British folk music that colours her sound.  Her music is also a reflection of her eclectic and diverse life experiences, including her classical music training. She is well known for her unique use of the violin as an accompaniment to her vocals, using delicate yet intricate rhythm and harmonies.  Germa performs with her band of fantastic string players and vocalists, also as a duet and solo artist.  She has performed at Celebrating Sanctuary events over recent years, including MAC, Ikon gallery and Moseley Folk Festival.

An nou Leve by Germa Adan

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