Hassan Salih Nour

Hassan Salih Nour is a singer and Ood Player from Sudan. Born in Gabet in Eastern Sudan, to parents from the North of the country.  From the age of three he began to play the tambour, the traditional instrument of northern Sudan, and to sing local songs.  Growing up, he learned to play ood, bass and mandolin, performing traditional music, and becoming a fixture on the music scene of Port Sudan.  Salih spent time in Holland and Cairo before settling in the UK.

Salih has performed solo and in a number of collaborations, including Yorkshire-based Rafiki Jazz.  He now works with a Sudanese percussionist from Holland, and brings a soulful and captivating performance of traditional and original Sudanese music.

Al godear by Hassan Salih Nour (with Ibrahim Disko on drums)

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