Emerging Artists 2021

Celebrating Sanctuary embarked on a new project in 2020 involving emerging artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Each emerging artist has received support from a mentor to help them develop their own project. Due to restrictions and lockdowns some projects have been delayed but we have a sample of work to share with you from 5 Emerging Artists.  Event Image – Painting by Samah Karwi - 'The Willing of Life'

Samah Karwi

Artist - Samah Karwi - Worked with mentor Naziah Angel-Bottley
In developing her technique, use of colour and materials and preparing her work for presentation.  Samah is originally from Iraq and has been living in the UK for 3 years.

Lazo Bastan

Artist - Lazo Bastan - Worked with mentor Jane Thakoordin 
In creative techniques and artistic representation of her ideas, and in preparing her work for presentation.  Lazo is originally from Kurdistan.

Farisai Dzemwa

Artist - Farisai Dzemwa - Worked with mentors Sandra Carter & Ola Brown
To develop the various aspects of her creative project and to complete and release 2 books relating to her journey.  Farisai is origianlly from Zimbabwe.

Elaheh Nadali

Artist - Elaheh Nadali - Worked with, and continues to work with mentors Ning-ning Li & Chris Murray
In design, background and character development, and animation techniques. Elaheh has presented an outline of her project, which is ongoing.  Elaheh is originally from Iran and has been in the UK for 3 years.

Kia Aria

Artist - Kia Aria - Has met and will work with mentor Benjamin Chesterton as he develops his short film. This work is ongoing and has been heavily effected by ongoing restrictions. Kia has presented an outline of his idea and aims to continue with this project.  Kia is originally from Iran and has lived in the UK for 3 years.

They have each produced very different kinds of work, all of which is personal to them and their experiences.

We are planning a live presentation and exhibition of work on July 24th at Centrala in Digbeth

We hope you enjoy this exciting series of presentations. 

This project was devised and delivered by Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham
Supported by Birmingham City Council and ACE