CSB - Lunchtime Concerts at Symphony Hall (THSH) 2021

Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham - Lunchtime Concerts at Symphony Hall

Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham (CSB) embark on new series of free lunchtime events in partnership with THSH.  Once a month CSB will be presenting some amazing World Music artists from across the country, in the newly refurbished Symphony Hall Foyer.  CSB will bring you music originating from around the world including: Senegal, Zimbabwe, Guinea Bissau, Haiti and Iran. 

Thursday 21st October – 1pm

Kadialy Kouyate (Senegal)null

The series starts with Senegalese Kora Maestro Kadialy Kouyate, who is descended from a great line of griots dating back to the 13th century.  Kadialy’s kora playing and singing style have been appreciated in many ensembles and institutions, enriching the London music scene with his griot legacy.  He has played at venues and festivals across the world, released several albums, and makes regular radio and television appearances, including “Later with Jools Holland” and “BBC Focus on Africa”. Kadialy Koyate draws on his heritage and its traditional songs to create his own mesmerising compositions.                                                   

Thursday 25th November – 1pm

Millicent Chapanda (Zimbabwe)null

Millicent Chapanda is a Zimbabwean musician and creative cultural artist, mbira player, singer dancer and percussionist.   A captivating and spellbinding performance of Mbira and song, with engaging rhythms from the deep cultural well and heritage of Zimbabwe. Millicent is a proud cultural artist whose music goes deep into the ancient Shona heritage.

Lunchtime Concerts at Symphony Hall (2022)

Moving into 2022 Celebrating Sanctuary continue their series of free lunchtime events in partnership with B:Music (Symphony Hall).  As part of the celebrations for their 20th Anniversary Programme CSB will be presenting some amazing World Music artists from across the country, with music originating from around the world. 

Thursday 27th January – 1pm

Amadou Diagne (Senegal)cropped-amadou-diagne-86980.jpg

The 2022 series starts with Senegalese musician Amadou Diagne, who is descended from a Griot line of percussionists and singers.  His talent as a percussionist led him to becoming a member of l’Orchestre National du Senegal, also performing with some of West Africa's top artists.   Since moving to the UK Amadou has forged his own musical identity as a singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist drawing on the traditional music and rhythms of West Africa.  He writes and performs in Wolof, French and English, and as a guitarist has developed a unique and intricate style which draws on his skills as a percussionist. Amadou has a love of improvisation and an eclectic musical inspiration, delighting in the rhythmic possibilities within the melodies he composes.  His music has attracted global airplay and he has recorded and released several albums of his music. 

“Honey-smoked vocals …Plaintive, acoustic and brimming with an unhurried assurance.” Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine

Thursday 24th February – 1pm

Germa Adan (Haiti)null

Germa Adan is a Haitian folk artist known for her ability to write and perform in the style of a storyteller with a strong undercurrent of social consciousness at the heart of her music. She writes and  performs a tapestry of ethereal vocal and stringed harmonies, influenced by the overlapping identity with cultures, especially so in the Haitian, American and British folk influences that colour her sound.    Germa regularly performs with her band of fantastic musicians and vocalists, also as a solo artist with violin and guitar.  'captivating and honest', Folkroom London

Thursday 24th March – 1pm

Namvula (Zambia / Scottish)null

Fusing the folk and urban traditions of her Zambian homeland and her Scottish roots with London’s eclectic music scene, Namvula blends African sounds and rhythms with Latin, jazz and folk into uplifting and emotive songs. Crossing boundaries with a refreshing honesty and evocative lyricism, Namvula’s music transports listeners into different worlds, whilst staying firmly rooted in African soil. One of the few Zambian artists performing in Europe, Namvula has collaborated and shared the stage with top international artists, and has worked with some of the UK’s most respected African, jazz and folk musicians.

Namvula is also a creative music-making and choral workshop facilitator and believes in the power of music to uplift and engage.

Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham (CSB)

CSB is a diverse music and arts organisation with a mission to support, promote and develop artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds.  To find out more about CSB please visit our website.  https://www.celebrating-sanctuary.org.uk/

More artists for 2022 will be announced soon, stay tuned for updates.

Celebrating Sanctuary is supported by Arts Council England

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